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Your responses from November 16, 2012 at 8:58 pm

Personal and Goals

Date of BirthMarch 21, 1972
Place of BirthRedwood City, California
Current Weight185
Weight 6 Months Ago178
Weight 1 Year Ago185
Would you like your weight to be different?Yes
If yes, what?0
Relationship StatusSingle
OccupationMarketing, Business, Life, Productivity, ILP Coach : Temple Keeper Honolulu Diamond Sangha
Hours of work per week40
Do you know your purpose?Yes
State your purpose

To recognize & move selflessly as our True Nature expressed through integral practice. Serving & awakening Self/Other everywhere, every moment ,instantly by renouncing complete knowing. To recognize that We are seen, loved, & respected by the Totality. To walk the ever-evolving bodhisattava path. Self-offering All to the Secret Intention that all sentient beings attain Absolute Bodhichitta.

Do you live your purpose?

Yes =)

What are your primary sources of community?

Honolulu Diamond Sangha
Integral Recovery We Space
Integral Community at Large

What are your main health concerns?

Want major strength gains next year.
Addictive patterns.
Self-sabatoge patterns.

Will family and/or friends be supportive of your desire to make lifestyle changes?

Yep =)

Any other information or concerns?

Want major strength gains next year.
Addictive patterns.
Self-sabatoge patterns.

Health History

At what point in your life did you feel the best?

4 months ago & now.

Any serious illness/hospitalizations/injuries?

ACL reconstruction.
2 month Rehab for Alcohol, Marijuana, Cocaine

How is the health of your father?

He’s in nursing home. Has mental issues, can’t take care of himself. He’s trying to get into Veteran’s home. I should call him.

How is the health of your mother?

Has probs keeping hydrated and eating. Was hospitalized for malnutrition. I suspect she still has a undercover alcohol issue.

What is your ancestry?Mom full blood Norweigan, Dad half Sweedish, 1/4 German, then a mix of Irish, English, & French
Do you sleep well?Yes
How many hours?6
Do you wake up at night?sometimes
Why?to pee or dreams get lucid
Any pain, stiffness or swelling?no
Constipation / Diarrhea / Gas? Please explain:


Allergies or sensitivities? Please explain:


Do you take any medications or supplements?

Yes…. alot of supplements…. Only Medications are Tamulsin (FlowMax) , I might start taking Selegeline Again
B Vitamin, Fish Oil, Garlic, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Time-Released Ginko, Tumeric, Phosphityl-choline, Mixed Topherphal Vitamin E, MSM

Any healers, helpers or therapies with which you are involved? Please list:

Yoga (Full Spectrum from a 76 year old master who learned from the Sadhus in India.
Acupunture periodically (could start weekly again)
Psychiatrist ( Integrative Medicine , trained in China )
Psychologist ( Stopped going a few months ago but should jump start that again)
Integral Recovery We Space
Advaita Ventanta teacher

What role do sports and exercise play in your life?

Yard Work
GTG Pushups/Pullups
Want to take this to another level









Binge 1ce/week


Green Tea & Water

Do you crave sugar, coffee, cigarettes or have any addictions?

I gave up everything for 5 months… Then starting playing some video games, porn, & then drinking & smoking a bit. Haven’t done anything but have a few drinks & porn in the last couple weeks.

What percentage of your food is home cooked?100
Where do you get the rest from?NA
Do you cook?Yep
The most important thing I should change about my diet to improve my health is…

Give up Alcohol, Porn, & Cigarettes

Finish Up

What role, if any, does spirituality play in your life?

Centrally Integrated

What goals do you have for the next year?

Serve a few of my friends & myself in creating comfortable income & lifestyle choice sustaining business.
Serve the Diamond Sangha as Temple Keeper.
Serve the evolution of the Kosmos.

What are some life goals? (think big)

Serve the evolution of the Kosmos.
Connect with, learn, & study with masters of different lineages, learnings, & understandings and integrate them into my serving of the Kosmos.
Build a boat & travel the world, learning the languages & cultures of key places.
Build a business that serves the evolution of the Kosmos.
Retire on the Big Island of Hawaii & Cr8 and place for teachers to come & students to learn in a secluded but connected remote kewl location and see what happens next.
Pehaps be involved with the future of Artificial Intelligence

Is there anything else you’d like to share?

Love you man!